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General Election 2017

Theresa May has fired the starting pistol for a snap general Election on June 8th and we're up and ready for the challenge.

Politics? Elections? What a bore! Same old faces, same old policies, same old promises, same old lies. Isn't it time we told these tedious politicians what we really think of them? Here's how it can be done: You may never have voted before (and why should you - they're all the same) But what if there was a party dedicated to fun? There is. 

The Eccentric Party of Great Britain sends a serious message over whilst putting the fun back into politics. A vote for the Eccentric Party is a way of saying to the other major parties: You're Boring! They won't like this. More reason to do it. Like our Spiritual Leader, Screaming Lord Sutch, we believe that humour can be a very powerful tool for promoting positive social change. 


Screaming Lord Sutch Blue Plaque

Lord Sutch Blue Plaque
Lord Sutch Blue Plaque

If your ever in London then why not pop along to the Ace Cafe. Party leader Lord Toby Jug championed the cause of a Blue Plaque in honour of Screaming Lord Sutch, which was finally unveiled in 2012 and is situated and can be seen at the Ace Cafe.

The Ace Cafe

The Great British Twat Off

A Great British Twat
A Great British Twat

The Eccentric Party will introduce a new TV Show called The Great British Twat Off. Piers Morgan is currently the frontrunner in the competition to find Britain’s biggest twat.

The Great British Twat Off, hosted by Kay Burley, will be a 'celebration of the great British twat’.

Elite twats including Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith will compete over eight weeks of events including attention-seeking, underhandedness and being needlessly obnoxious.

The winner will receive a trophy, book tokens and the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Merry Christmas

HHHHancock !
HHHHancock !

To all our chums, have a certifiably deranged, demented, silly and super dooper Christmas one and all. Thanks for all your continued support in helping us going back to basic stupidity!

A perfect Christmas tune by Screaming Lord Sutch 'Creepy Christmas' from us to you.

Screaming Lord Sutch - 'Creepy Christmas'

Trump v Clinton

If only Screaming Lord Sutch was still around to have advised Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, he might of added a dash of moderation and sanity to the American Election Campaign!

Third Runway At Stonhenge

Flying High In Stonehenge
Flying High In Stonehenge

The Eccentric Party have announced plans to carpet Britain with runways and let the market decide.

Now that Theresa May's ended speculation about airport expansion by endorsing new runways at Heathrow. The Eccentric party will build runways everywhere with one along the Thames Estuary being called Sutch Island, Stonehenge will have one and three and a half thousand other locations across the UK.

We believe If anywhere in Britain is more than ten miles from an airport, that is an unacceptable restriction on the free movement of planes.

If Ryanair wants access to Kensington High Street, or the New Forest, or the top of Mount Snowdon, the government should be helping, not interfering

We also have laid out plans for a helipad on top of every building higher than four storeys, a UFO landing pad and a jetpack-recharging point at every petrol station across the land.

With thousands of safe, convenient runways all over the country, families will find it easy to start their own airlines should they wish.

Several thousand additional border guards would be deployed to stop anyone trying to get into Britain illegally or, as is looking increasingly likely, trying to emigrate.

Celebrating Eccentrics Film

Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb!
Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb!

Lord Toby Jug is a famed British politician who was a member of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party for many years. His famous mentor was the late, great, Screaming Lord Sutch.Toby left the Loonies in 2014. Toby then went on and formed the Eccentric Party of Great Britain in January 2015.

The Raving Loony Party’s objective is not to receive votes on election day but to add humour and sanity to the election process, for example by proposing to alleviate the government’s budget woes by ssuing ‘Loony Dollars’.

For many years Lord Toby was the lead guitarist with the shock rock band headed by Screaming Lord Sutch and of course took to politics following the lead of Lord Sutch.

CBC's Documentary Channel - Celebrating Eccentrics Appears At 10.00 EST

Spot The Deranged Candidate In Witney

Spot the Deranged!
Spot the Deranged!

Look to the right of the screen on the clip to watch me nodding out of sheer amazement at the complete amount of hot air, shite, and large pile of complete codswallop coming from new 'Tory Boy' Robert Courts the new MP for Witney's mouth on Thursday night.

Sky News Election Count

Eccentric Landslide In Witney

The winning Tory Candidate Roberts Courts In Witney
The winning Tory Candidate Roberts Courts In Witney

A great day for Democratic Eccentrically in Witney. We polled more more votes than Winston McKenzie of the English Democrats. We halved the vote of the candidate from the OMRLP who resides in Oxfordshire. We came, we saw, and we conquered. Roll on the next election.

Sadly I didn't win my bet with William Hill to beat the Loony candidate who resides in the Oxfordshire area, in add of the local Anticks Children's Cancer Charity, but I made a donation of £1,500 from my own funds. A most worthwhile cause, to donate please go here.


You can donate to Anticks here


Thank you.

Lord Toby Jug's UKIP Leadership Bid

Vote Lord Toby Jug For Ukip Leader
Vote Lord Toby Jug For Ukip Leader

Eccentric Party leader Lord Toby Jug has launched a new leadership bid - to take over the reins of UKIP.

Lord Toby, from St Ives, joined UKIP last Friday in a bid to replace Diane James who quit after just 18 days in the post of UKIP leader.

"I've got my membership card and everything – I'm a fully paid up member," said Lord Toby who also tried to contest the Labour leadership election last year.

"I think I'm the best qualified, since I was a schoolboy boxing champion at West Ham Boxing Club just in case there's any more fisticuffs."

Lord Toby, who founded the Eccentric Party of Great Britain after splitting with the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, has been contesting elections for decades and will be standing in the by-election at former Prime Minister David Cameron's Witney seat.

The musician said he was "stunned" when he found his application had not been weeded out by UKIP. His membership card is made out in the name of Lord T Jug.

He said: "When they saw the name Lord Toby Jug they must have thought I was obviously a very sensible chap. I have joined the party and now I am getting bombarded with their election leaflets every day."

Lord Toby said he joined UKIP with the intention of contesting its leadership election but if he was prevented from doing that he would put his own name on the ballot paper and vote for himself.

"I think the Eccentric Party of Great Britain stands more chance of being elected in 2020 than UKIP, especially if they chose Nigel Farage for leader again," he said.

Lord Toby said he had "more charisma" than UKIP stalwart Lisa Duffy, from Ramsey, who was runner-up in last month's leadership election and is considering standing again.

He is one of 14 candidates standing in Witney on October 20 and is staying in a caravan in the constituency for the last week of the campaign.

Lord Toby has been offered a free bet by bookies William Hill to beat the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, with any proceeds going to a children's charity in the constituency.

The Cambridge News - Lord Toby Jug's UKIP Leadership Bid

The Hunts Post - Lord Toby For UKIP Leadership

Newham Recorder - East London's Lord Toby Jug Goes To Go For UKIP Leader

Eccentic Party In The Dundee Courier

Vote Eccentric In Scotland
Vote Eccentric In Scotland

EuroMillions jackpot winner Adrian Bayford from Angus is backing Lord Toby Jug the political protege of Screaming Lord Sutch to win former Prime Minister David Cameron's Witney seat.

Mr Bayford said: “I’m so fed up with the other so-called sensible mainstream political parties.

“At least the Eccentric Party are honest in that they admit to being totally bonkers.

“They’re the only party that would get my vote – they’re a real party of the people and a true party of protest.

“That’s why I’m officially endorsing and sponsoring the Eccentric Party.”

Eccentric Party in the Dundee Courier

Eccentric Party Conference 2016

On the loose in St Ives, Cambridgeshire
On the loose in St Ives, Cambridgeshire

Delegates descended upon St Ives for the Eccentric Party of Great Britain's 2016 Conference on Saturday October 1st. 

The party went out on the River Great Ouse to hunt for the legendary Ouse Monster, which has lurked beneath the River Ouse for centuries and is often spotted by patrons leaving the pub late at night. Sadly the Monster failed to appear but threatens to resurface in time for the 2020 general election.
William Hill gave odds of 1000/1 upon the Ouse Monster surfacing and Lord Toby Jug wagered £100 on it.

A policy discussion took place and there was also a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle where party chairman Lord Bungle was promoted to deputy leader replacing Brenda the Fender (a bass guitar) who moves to party president.

The party which supports live music in all of its forms had a fantastic time supporting the St Ives Jazz and Blues Festival that took place also.

An evenings stroll to St Ives's fine hostelries on a party recruitment drive and to spread the Eccentric Party message proved very successful with the party signing up 214 new members.
Three screams for the party's spiritual leader Screaming Lord Sutch closed the day's proceedings.

Lord Toby said 'Given what passes as sanity in politics today we are the perfect antidote. The Eccentric Party is a haven for voters disappointed by other parties. We say vote for the candidate who promises least; he’ll be the least disappointing.'

The Hunts Post - Eccentric Party Conference 2016

Witney By-Election

Handing in our £500 Deposit Outside Witney District Councils Offices
Handing in our £500 Deposit Outside Witney District Councils Offices

News Latest....Our illustrious leader Lord Toby Jug will be contesting the Witney by-election on October 20th. Lord Toby Jug and his election agent Lord Bungle spent three days in Witney checking out the sights and sounds of this lovely little market town.

All the legal stuff and nomination papers were completed and the paying of the £500 deposit.

We spoke to one of the reporters from the Witney Gazette and were photographed outside Witney District Council Offices about to hand in the nomination papers and the required £500 to stand. 

We received a great reception from the good folk of Witney....If their mad enough to elect David Cameron then there's hope for us yet! 

Come 20th October it'll be a landslide for the Eccentric Party!!!

Witney Gazette - Battle Lines Drawn For Witney by-election

Strictly Morris Dancing

Morris Minor Traveller Dancers
Morris Minor Traveller Dancers

Lord Toby Jugs letter from The Guardian 21/9/16 'Strictly Morris Dancing will be coming to your TV screens next year.'

'Due to the success of its Strictly Come Dancing series and it’s desperate search to find a Bake Off replacement, we propose that the BBC commission a series called Strictly Morris Dancing to be shown next year.

Contestants will be put through their paces and laughed at in town squares all over the west country, by Folk. They’ll have to construct their own ridiculous costumes, learn routines and even make up songs about milkmaids they met while a-walkin’ one day. With the loser being burnt in a wicker man each week or - worse still - has to undergo a years worth of dance lessons from Ed Balls.'

The Guardian - Coming Soon - Strictly Morris Dancing

The Eccentric Party Of Great Britain Conference 2016

Eccentrics In March, Cambridgeshire
Eccentrics In March, Cambridgeshire

The 2016 Party Conference is being held on Saturday October 1st in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

Policy discussion and buffet commences at 5.00pm

An evenings stroll to St Ives's fine hostelries on a party recruitment drive and to spread the Eccentric Party message will commence at 7.00pm

Dress Code: Eccentric Garb to be worn at all times. Badges, rosettes and posters will be on sale throughout the conference. 

Musical instruments are most welcome on the day to play a tune or 20.

Accommodation is available at the Golden Lion Hotel in St Ives, it's an old coaching inn in the centre of the town.

The Golden Lion Hotel

Eccentric Party Lend Their Support To Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness

His Lordship With John Elworthy Editor Of The Ely Standard, Cambs News, and Wisbech Standard
His Lordship With John Elworthy Editor Of The Ely Standard, Cambs News, and Wisbech Standard

The Eccentric Party lent their support and offered encouragement to Cathy Gibb-de Swarte’s final 22nd day of press ups in 22 days held at Littleport’s Plough & Harrow pub on Monday night (5/9/16) in aid of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness. Party Chairman Lord Bungle and Lord Toby Jug were made very welcome and made lots of new friends.

Ely Standard - Lord Toby Jug Pops Along To Littleport To Support Charity

Eccentric Party Launch New Cambridge Branch

At The New Cambridge Branch HQ Black Barn Records With Shop Manager Harriet Elsden And Party Chairman Lord Bungle
At The New Cambridge Branch HQ Black Barn Records With Shop Manager Harriet Elsden And Party Chairman Lord Bungle

Black Barn Records, owned by Euromillions lottery winner Adrian Bayford, has become the headquarters for the new Cambridge branch of the Eccentric Party.

Mr Bayford has agreed to sponsor the Eccentric Party which will contest elections from the shop.

Party Leader Lord Toby said: "I'm not at liberty to say what the sponsorship is but we have been offered a 10 shilling note towards a packet of Typhoo teabags and a subscription to the Beano."

Cambridge News - Eccentric Party Launch New Cambridge Branch

Lottery Millionaire Adrian Bayford Finds The Eccentric Party Just The Ticket

Eccentric Party Sponsor Adrian Bayford
Eccentric Party Sponsor Adrian Bayford

Multi-millionaire Euromillions lottery winner Adrian Bayford is backing the Eccentric Party of Great Britain. His shop Black Barn Records in Burleigh Street will become the Cambridge headquarters for the party.

It seems things are looking up for the Eccentric Party thanks to the marvellous Adrian Bayford, the party's new official party sponsor. The Eccentric Party welcomes Adrian, we're really chuffed, obviously that we have got Sutch a fantastic sponsor onboard who realises that we are a safe bet at the elections. 

Adrian puts a lot back into the local community and is a very creative person who's into promoting live music and the arts which he supports and promotes.

If your ever in Cambridge then do pop along to Adrian's fabulous rare record shop, Black Barn Records, it's stacked high with some really fantastic records and memorabilia.

Cambridge News - Lottery Millionaire Sponsors The Eccentric Party

Black Barn Records

Daily Mail - Euro Millions Winner Backs The Eccentric Party

Daily Mirror - Lottery Winner Donates Ten Shilling Note To Eccentric Party

Daily Express - Lottery Winner Sponsors Britain's Most Eccentric Political Party

Eccentric Party Say No To The Wearing Of The Full Duffel Coat Hood In Public

Forty Eight New Paid Up Members Were Signed Up In Ramsey.
Forty Eight New Paid Up Members Were Signed Up In Ramsey.

Thursday August 11th saw the launch of the Ramsey Branch of the Eccentric Party in Cambridgeshire at the Jolly Sailor pub. 

We also called for a ban on duffel coat hoods being worn during the visit to Ramsey where Lord Toby Jug offered to give advice and pass on his wisdom on being a party leader to UKIP leadership challenger Cllr Lisa Duffy who's also a district councillor in Huntingdon.

Being leader of the Eccentric Party of Great Britain, Lord Toby felt he could give some very good pointers to Cllr Duffy from one lunatic to another as she battles to take over the reins of UKIP following the resignation of Nigel Farage, a madman of the old school.

Cllr Duffy as called for a total ban on Muslim women from wearing full face veils, but we are calling for a total ban on the wearing of duffel coat hoods which can cover the face so that we can readily identify any trainspotting fiends. Knotted handkerchiefs can be worn, but only in the summer months and we also want the wearing of tea cosies as hats to be banned because we don't want any trouble brewing. 

Lord Jug was unable to find Ms Duffy on August 11, but says he is happy for her to contact him for any advice.

Lord Toby being a party leader, feels he could give some good pointers to Ms Duffy as she battles to take over the reins of UKIP following the resignation of Nigel Farage. His Lordship said “I'm quite happy to stand down and let her take over the Eccentric Party, but I feel she is too extreme even for us.” 

Lord Jug’s party has seen a recent surge in members, with 358 signing up in March, Wisbech and Ely this month alone, as well as 48 in Ramsey following his search for Ms Duffy.

Vote Eccentric Party For A Saner Britain!!!

Cambridge News - Eccentric Party Want To Ban Duffle Coat Hoods

The Hunts Post - Eccentric Party Say No To The Wearing Of Duffle Coat Hoods

Official State Visit To The Cambridge Fens

On The Loose In Ely In Cambridgeshire
On The Loose In Ely In Cambridgeshire

Friday 5th August 2016 will go down in political history in Fenland after an Official State Visit was paid to the Cambridge Fens by party leader Lord Toby Jug and party chairman Lord Bungle.

They thought they were to meet the media in Ely, how wrong they were. Lord Bungle, under the direction of Lord Toby's map reading skills, Toby got them lost. They drove around and around Ely and couldn't find the Oliver Cromwell Hotel which was their meeting point, it wasn't any wonder they got lost, because after asking one of the locals, the hotel was actually in March and not Ely, Ooops! 

Anyway, a jolly old time was had by all visiting many interesting places and meeting lots of friendly locals and interesting characters in March and Wisbech.

Over 40 people joined the party on the day and there were plenty of pledges of future votes from people fed up with the main stream parties. They also found some future Eccentric Party election candidates wanting to stand for us in the Fens.

A rather boring visit was made to the Angel Inn, the Conservative Party HQ in Wisbech, where half the patrons were half dead or in a coma. A local Fenland Tory district councillor, Dave Connor, asked to join the Eccentric Party but was deemed to be to unstable of mind after being a life long Tory.

Our Official Cambridge Fenland HQ is now The Globe Pub in Wisbech, where we received a great reception. 

A rather Eccentric day and a rather spiffing jolly good time was had by all. 

'Eccentrics Invade Fenland' The Cambs Times
'Eccentric Party Let Loose In Wisbech' Wisbech Standard