The Eccentric Party Of Great Britain

Eccentrics On The Loose
Eccentrics On The Loose


Welcome to the website of The Eccentric Party of Great Britain...We Dance To The Beat Of A Different Drum.

The Eccentric Party was formed on January 14th 2015. We love to prick the balloon of pomposity of the major established political parties and highlight the arrogance and folly of their policies with a large custard pie in the face. Everyone knows that politics is a joke, but it's a joke we want to be in on. Utilising the age-old tradition of Great British Eccentricity, in the fine spirit of the late great Screaming Lord Sutch, our spiritual leader.

We believe in our sacred and inalienable right to free speech, enjoyed for generations by the British people and envied by the world.

We now have our first Councillor, Lady Jezebel Luxury Yacht, on St Ives Town Council in Cambridge.

We are here to remind people of the folly of grandeur, of the absurdity of those who have or who seek power, and of the uncomfortable proximity of sanity and lunacy.